What Can You Do?

It takes a whole community working together to successfully address the issue of teen pregnancy. Here are some things that you can do to help our teens reach adulthood without the added responsibility of parenthood to weigh them down.

  • Learn what is happening in your child's school. What are the standards for sexuality education and at what grades are they receiving the information that they need?
  • Support your local school, its teachers and comprehensive sexuality education.
  • Know what is happening in your community.  Are there activities for youth after school? In the evening? On weekends?
  • Know what resources are available in your community. Where can teens go if they have questions? Need to talk to a trusted adult? Need medical services?
  • Know your local legislators. What are they doing to combat the problem of teen pregnancy in our community? Do they support comprehensive sexuality education? Do they advocate for safe and healthy activities for teens?
  • Become involved in your community.  By supporting teens and their families you can help decrease the number of teens who become parents at a too young age.

Remember the old adage: "It takes a village to raise a child"