With so much information out there today, sometimes it's hard to tell the true from the false. Find out how much YOU know about myths and realities.

Myth: "Everyone is doing it."

Reality: Only 50% of all teens under the age of 18 are sexually active.

Myth: "You can't get pregnant the first time you have sex."

Reality: A girl can get pregnant the first time and anytime she has sex.

Myth: "I'll just pull-out. She can't get pregnant then."

Reality: Withdrawal is not a good method of Birth Control. There is a small amount of fluid called pre-ejaculate present at the tip of the penis well before a guy ejaculates. This fluid can contain sperm and HIV. Even if the guy removes his penis and ejaculates someplace else this fluid has already come in contact with the vagina. The result: possible pregnancy and disease transmission.

Myth: "Birth Control makes you gain weight."

Reality: Birth Control can increase your weight, but the increase is VERY SMALL. Birth control pills ("the pill") can result in a maximum weight gain of 5 pounds. The Depo-Provera shot can result in an average weight gain of 8 pounds during the first 2 years of use. Any additional weight gain is due to dietary and exercise habits, NOT the Birth Control.

Myth: "If I go to the clinic, my parents will find out."

Reality: Ideally it is best if you can confide in your parents about these issues. However, All family planning clinics have to observe strict confidentiality. That means no one can tell anyone else why you were there, or even if you were there. You do not need parental permission to receive birth control or testing.

Myth:"You can't get pregnant during your period."

Reality: Sperm deposited in the vagina during your period has just as much chance of fertilizing an egg as sperm deposited at other times during the month. Recent studies have shown that sperm can live for 7 days inside the woman's body. If ovulation occurs anytime within those 7 days, there is the possibility of a pregnancy occurring.

Myth: "I'll take my chances, it's not that easy to get pregnant."

reality: If a couple engages in unprotected sex for 1 year, they have a 90% chance of a pregnancy occurring.

Myth: "If I have sex with him, he won't break up with me."

Reality: Having sex does not guarantee the other person will stay. It does guarantee a messier situation if one person decides to break up.

Myth: "Drinking or doing drugs doesn't effect your chance of getting pregnant or getting an STD."

Reality: In a study done with college males, after consuming 3 beers, only 25% could put on a condom correctly. Alcohol and drugs also lower your inhibitions and affect your ability to make good decisions.